About Richard Hamilton

Bob Dobson:

I met Richard some years ago through my work in the ambulance service. At the time, Richard was pursuing a role in the legal profession but was part of an Army project and was undertaking medical training with the NHS. His thirst for knowledge was unbelievable and he would push me to my limit. He always looked for alternatives and his enthusiasm was infectious. It soon became obvious to me that Richard wasn't just part of a project, he was becoming an awesome friend. Most of our work was done in the dark and under difficult circumstances. No matter what the condition I never, ever heard him complain about a single thing.

Over the years Richard and I would discuss so many things, including decisions in our own careers. I found myself running ideas and suggestions past him and he would give me his opinion and advice. I in turn would do the same for him and I remember when he said he was going to change direction and become a doctor. We discussed this many times and I could see that he really wanted to do it.

At the time I knew nothing about his family and the fact Janet, Rollin and Gordon were already in the profession. I suppose it was because we were just focussed on what we were doing that I never really asked.

When Richard went to medical school, it had an impact on the project, whilst I was disappointed that he had to move on, I felt immensely proud at what he was trying to do. I was hoping like mad that some day we would work together again.

For me Richard was an extremely loyal friend and someone I would have trusted with my life. Richard did more in one hour than most people do in their lifetime. I cannot truly reflect in words what I felt about Richard, as a man, as a professional, as an adventurer and as a friend. I can only treasure the memories of Richard securing his pushbike to the railings at Waterloo railway station, big grin on his face, firm handshake and his words saying, " let's save a few lives tonight Bob".

I am so proud he thought of me as a friend.

Bob Dobson
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