About Richard Hamilton

James Sowerby:

Richard's enthusiasm for the physical challenge (or 'utterly madcap scheme', depending on your attitude to risk!) was plain for all to see and added up to a prism of varied experiences through which shone a wonderfully literate intelligence and an insatiable interest in places and people. He gave my wife and me a globe as a wedding present. How fitting. I will always think of him when I trace any journey, confident, and envious, that he will have been there or at least have studied its perils and fascinations.

He was, of course, a richly-talented man. Mutual friends at a Caian's uproariously drunken house party will remember his piano accompaniment to the chaotic proceedings. This, after a ski holiday where his gravity-defying efforts made not a few Frenchmen consider taking a day off the slopes. Further, his developing medical career showed he had the courage to take on yet another challenge. These are just a few examples of the unassuming yet justified confidence which made him a pleasure to know.

Our joy is the knowledge that he could not have fitted more into his years. Our regret is what he could have achieved if he had had more of them.

Bob Dobson
James Sowerby
Mike Cole
Wes Richards