About Richard Hamilton

Mike Cole:

I first met Richard at Caius. He knocked on my door at about 1100 at night. He introduced himself (and his climbing partner) and asked if I minded if he jumped out of my window. He wanted to do the 'Senate House Leap'. After successfully completing it whilst roped up, he told me that it was too easy and so would do it without ropes. I said, "Fine, but please don't kill yourself" (I had been warned by the college authorities that complicity in letting people do the Senate House Leap would see me being disciplined as well!) and went back to bed.

That memory has stuck with me of him, but also the Christmas card he sent me in 1990 showing a picture of him in a baggy woollen jumper and his boxer shorts attempting to jump over a bloody large lake up in Scotland. He was clearly never going to make the jump and inevitably ended up if the freezing cold water. The card bore the inscription, "Pond Jumping - Hoy". Only Richard would have sent something like that or, indeed, spent his Christmas hols doing that sort of thing.

Tragic news. A man who has three careers by his mid 30s. Lawyer, soldier and doctor. Of course, his true profession was 'Adventurer'. And in its own way, it is, in some bizarre way, almost good to know that he was doing what he loved on his last day. Typical also that he would donate his body to medical science. Always thinking of others.

A tragic loss. Aye.

Bob Dobson
James Sowerby
Mike Cole
Wes Richards