Tracey Marr Philip Wragg Prof. Russell Smith

Who we are

The people behind the project are:

Dr. Tracey Marr (the nice one)
Tracey switched from academia (she has a PhD in breast cancer research) to business and, in 2005, established "Communities in Business" to provide accessible enterprise education for hard-to-reach communities. Tracey specialises in market research and how a new business can get products and services to market.

Philip Wragg (the tough one)
Phil has a background of over 20 years working in banking and finance across a range of business sectors including three years at the Bank of England. He joined Business Boffins in 2002 and is responsible for advising business owners about the processes of raising finance and managing cash flow. He asks the tough questions that help people avoid financial difficulty.

Prof Russell Smith (the old one)
Following his PhD at the Institute of Aviation Medicine, Russell worked in North America, Europe and Japan. In 1998, he formed Business Boffins to create an educational programme to help anyone learn about the process of enterprise. Russell specialises in business planning and writes a monthly page on business for "The Independent".